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We can't solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.
Albert Einstein

Are You frustrated by the certification of electronic devices?

  Are You still burning time, money and confidence?

Is Your device still suboptimal?

If yes, react now and move Your project to the next level!

Learn concentration and use it in any direction. Thus You loose nothing.
He who gets the whole must have the parts too.

 Swami Vivekananda

You will achieve:

Your fantastic team is focused on Your core competence:

Fulfilling customers desires.

You are ready before project deadlines.

Due to Your focus, You are ahead competition.

Focus now:

My name is Uwe Weigele…

… and I am from a family of airmen and pilots. After an apprenticeship in radio- and TV technician I studies telecommunication and management successfully. I optimized the first aircraft power supply in 1987. It powered the crash recorder for the MRCA tornado. Our company, Weigele Scientific was founded in 1997 and Weigele Aerospace was started as a spin-off in 2016. 

Personally, I designed many devices from the scratch, mainly power supplies for aircraft application. For each of our designs, we prepared, document and performed all certification tests successfully. For our customers, we also conducted and documented complete certification test campaigns ranging from simple reading lights up to complete secondary flight control units.

Our goal is, assisting the aircraft community to realize its full potential and leading the dream of flight to its perfection. Therefore, we are investing actively in research and development, regardless of subventions and customer demands.

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